Marketing and the Location Based Services (LBS) Concept

Back in business school, we learned about “The Marketing Concept” as the total company effort to satisfy customer needs at a profit.Location based services are booming and as marketing professionals, we have real challenges on how to integrate these new technologies to our tool set together with Wikis, Blogs, Social Networks, Podcasts, etc. Are you ready for new ideas like Location Based Advertising?From a business perspective, I would define the “Location Based Service concept” as the company’s effort to transform geographical positioning information into valuable and relevant data for a customer, to make a profit.The Location Based Service concept, like the marketing concept has 3 components1- Get Geographical positioning information. This can be accomplished in many ways. The obvious way is a GPS device through cellular network, IP address mapping, user input, etc. (will address this in future posts)

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2- Transform this data into valuable information. Your kids are calling for a pickup at midnight; would you consider the same situation knowing they are at a friend house or wandering around downtown? Suddenly the geographic layer of information changed the urgency of the pickup completely. What if you try to locate your grandmother suffering from Alzheimer or if you want to know where is your task force at any given moment. What if instead having the pizza place telling you “…another 5 minutes…” you can go to the web and receive a service “Where is my pizza”!! (No doubt this is a nice application, particularly if your teen son came with friends from a soccer game and they are starving…) The number of possible applications is limited to the extent of your imagination (and of course some technical limitations…), but the idea is to generate value for somebody and get paid for that service.3- Make a profit. It’s amazing how many companies/developers forget that the ultimate reason of putting a business together is TO MAKE A PROFIT. Location Based Services is an expensive business. Usually your current location needs to be relayed to certain application server and most of the time this is accomplished through cellular networks; hence somebody must pay the bill. When you buy a personal locator device – PLD (like zoombak, Leipac, and others) they have a cellular device included, usually with a SIM Card, to communicate your location – and that service is expensive.

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The number of LBS applications is growing exponentially. Just in the last few months I’ve seen dozens of free Location Based Social Networking sites come alive. The question is how many of those will be alive next year. For me the answer is simple, only those with a solid revenue model and clear value proposition will last. Some are betting on valid strategies based on collective user value, wikonomic “prosumers”, “fremium” services, etc. In that case, the keys to success are a) make sure somebody else pays the communication costs and b) be sure your customers generate real aggregated value you can capitalize.

Truck Insurance – Upcoming Accident Prevention Technologies

The trucking business is an imperative part of the national economy. Consequently, a lot of research goes into growing new mischance aversion advancements. Before, mischance avoidance normally implied the decrease of harms if a mishap were to occur. Today, brilliant frameworks are being created to protect drivers out and about.

The Next Generation in Stability Control

Electronic Stability Control (ESC) has turned into a basic piece of trucking security. ESC is the framework that specifically applies brakes to at least one wheels when the truck starts to lose control. ESC II is as of now being created to additionally diminish loss of vehicle control. This is expert through a blend of slight directing contribution, and in addition throttle and braking control. Tests are being led to extend these components to incorporate back wheel directing control through dynamic multi-interface suspension frameworks.

Pre-Collision Systems

Pre-Collision Systems have been introduced in a significant number of the more costly auto models and can be adjusted for use in trucks. In the event that a crash is impending, the framework detects the moving toward autos and different hindrances and actuates deterrent measures to attempt to stop or limit the impact and to ensure the driver. Measures taken might be full actuation of brakes and initiation of security gadgets. A few frameworks even incorporate camcorders to go about as a moment match of eyes for the driver.

Versatile Cruise Control

Notwithstanding directing pace, this framework utilizes radar to keep up safe voyaging separations between vehicles. As the truck approaches another vehicle, brakes and throttle are balanced in like manner.

Path Departure Warning

Cameras are introduced in the truck to distinguish the stripes signifying paths or street edges. In the event that the truck starts to cross these lines, a ring and cautioning light are initiated. In testing, this framework was extremely powerful on interstates in alarming lazy drivers that they are not focusing out and about.

Brake Assist

This is a component that measures the weight connected to the brakes. On the off chance that a fast hard push is connected, as when a driver is attempting to evade an impact, the most extreme braking ability is expanded including more noteworthy braking power.

Blind side Detection

This framework utilizes cameras to watch a trucks blind sides. On the off chance that the driver endeavors to switch to another lane while a vehicle is in the trucks blind sides, a notice is given to the driver.

Night Vision

Infrared innovation can be connected to build a drivers vision capacity around evening time. Drivers have announced numerous night vision frameworks as being confounding, yet better frameworks are being created.

Rollover Mitigation

Sensors enlarge steadiness control so as to identify when the truck is starting to tip. Soundness control at that point applies brakes with an end goal to keep the rollover. On the off chance that this comes up short security frameworks, for example, airbags, are actuated.

Perfect Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas For Clients Or Employees

All things considered, fortunately we have some incredible thoughts for your vacation season.

1. A special item giveaway with your organization message or logo on it. This is an attempted and genuine technique that has been exploited for a considerable length of time and years. Keep in mind when snuggies turned out? I got a heap of snuggies from a law office I worked at, with their logo everywhere throughout the thing. Learn to expect the unexpected. Regardless I utilize that snuggie right up ’til the present time and will never at any point overlook that blessing. Other great endowments that have been hitting the public expo circuits vigorously are USB chargers with custom logos or screen cleaner stickers for telephones and tablets with a custom message on it. Not exclusively do you keep your image available for use, you make individuals content with really valuable freebees.

2. Blessing cards that are paid ahead of time and promptly accessible for utilize. I completely love to dump out a stocking loaded with amazon blessing cards. I instantly know I will have the capacity to utilize them at whatever point I need and that they will get utilized. Another extraordinary alternative is your neighborhood coffeehouse close to your place of business. This helps a neighborhood business and furthermore gives something individuals go insane over, espresso.

3. Fun blessings. Did you know there are shouting monkey squishy toys that you can put your logo on? Said shouting monkeys have flexible arms that you can pull back and after that shoot the thing over your office, at the same time making the great monkey shriek. Customers or representatives alike would have a flat out a great time with a stocking stuffer like that.

4. Give your administration or products away for nothing. Drop a coupon or blessing endorsement for your own administrations into leggings this year. In the event that your administration is that great and you know your lifetime estimation of a customer, give somewhat away for nothing keeping in mind the end goal to set your image.

Yes, pens, cocoa bundles, and mugs will even now be requested in extraordinary amounts this year, yet why accomplish something that is so played out? The purpose of a stocking stuffers for your customers or representatives is to cement your image space in their brains. The most ideal approach to do it is to give them something that is helpful as well as novel.

Business Culture and Accountability

Three parts of responsibility answer three essential inquiries:
What is my part and how am I doing in that part?
What are others part and how are they getting along in those parts?
What is the part of our group and how’s it hanging with we?

From thing 1, we ought to “know thy-self”. Consider self-appraisal for individuals from their groups, they ought to have the capacity to reply all alone. This is more hard to reply than you may understand, however let individuals self-evaluate.

From thing 2, have individuals from groups evaluate others. They have to comprehend other individuals’ parts and qualities and shortcomings. Be that as it may, they additionally need to ask others how they are getting along, and see each other’s self-evaluations too.

Lastly, from Item 3 individuals need to comprehend the subordinate objectives and capacities as a group, how are they getting along as a unit. This incorporates groups’ evaluation and talks including singular appraisal.

Part of a Leader

As a pioneer, you ought to encourage the free trade of thoughts and enable groups to survey their own particular status, including your own status. Be straightforward, or as straightforward as suitable. Try not to make judgements in light of the appraisals, essentially utilize it as information focuses and speak with the groups to make their own objectives notwithstanding giving them key corporate/business objectives to accomplish.
This will help encourage a feeling of possession and responsibility. Guide the ship toward a path that is both going to play a part with the corporate/business objectives and the objectives made by the groups themselves. Fuse the group’s thoughts into being a corporate thought on the little scale. Correspondence crosswise over groups and administration that incorporates contribution from all sides will make for a culture of responsibility.

Executing Small Team Accountability

Functional execution would comprise of week by week group based appraisals, pioneers conveying their objectives and gathering information. That information would be utilized as a part of making objectives with the understanding of both initiative and groups cooperating. Add up to time spent on evaluations and gatherings would be 30 minutes seven days. This structure could likewise change or supplant current meeting structures set up.

Try, this approach out. Despite the fact that this article is not thorough or an entire technique, it will in any event help begin a discussion about how to secure and keep up a superior corporate culture.

Making Money in Today’s Real Estate Market

If you have ever thought about investing in real estate, now is the time. You may be thinking that since the real estate market is in the tank at the moment and that it can’t possibly be a good time to get into this market.  But you couldn’t be more wrong! There are more foreclosures than ever right now and that presents a ton of opportunity for us investors who have been waiting for prices like what we are now seeing. I know the media is out there saying the sky is falling. However, there are many successful investors quietly sitting back and laughing as they make money hand over fist. Let me let you in on a little secret that all successful investors know…The time to buy is now!

It’s the perfect time to get involved right now as a real estate investor.  Lenders are currently finding themselves in situations where they have loans that are not getting paid, and home owners are being forced into foreclosure everywhere you turn.  There are banks all over the place with so much inventory, they don’t know what to do with it. They simply cannot move it quickly enough. There are also thousands of incredibly motivated sellers just waiting for someone to come along and save them from foreclosure.  That ‘someone’, could be you.

There are a few things that you should keep in mind before getting started:

1) Never pay too much for your investment property.  There are plenty of homes available for very reasonable prices.  You make your money when you buy! You should never pay more than 65% of the after repaired value of the home.  Don’t forget that you will have other costs to pay, such as holding costs, closing costs, as well as any money that you spend on the rehab of the home to bring it up to rentable or saleable condition. Bottom line, you need to be able to still turn a profit.

Management Fundamentals


What is management? What exactly does management do? Excellent questions for somebody that has never worked directly with a management team. To the uninitiated, it might seem like management just sits on their posteriors all day long and bosses people around. However, there is a reason management gets paid top dollar and it is not because they are the only ones willing to sit behind a desk day in and day out.

As Merriam-Webster informs us, management entails conducting or supervising something or someone. In the business setting, management ensures business objectives are met and the corporation turns a profit. The management team shoulders the majority of the responsibility within a corporation. Simply put, management makes the decisions, especially the hard ones. If the business is successful they get paid well, if the business suffers they get fired.

Management Report

The management report contains everything important to management. The management report helps the executive management team make the necessary decisions to drive the business down a successful path. Depending on the business, the management report will contain a variety of different division reports.

The management report will typically contain reports from the core divisions of the business. For example, an ordinary management report will include reports from such departments as finance, operations, human resources, and R&D. These reports include information pertaining to the particular department and include upcoming issues and plans for the future. The executive management team will analyze the management report, which consists of a compilation of each report from the core departments, and make executive decisions based on the information contained therein.

Financial Reporting

What is Financial Reporting? Glad you asked. As Dr. John Sacco of George Mason University explains, financial reporting from the governments perspective covers the following:

Financial reporting is largely an effort to assess financial performance, that is, how well or how poorly the government performed with money entrusted to it. Financial decisions include raising and spending money as well making promises that have financial consequences. Financial reporting is considered a part of governmental accountability for financial decisions. Exactly how financial reporting is done depends in part on the model selected. With either model, many types of financial reports can be generated but a considerable amount of attention is given to the quantitative financial statements, which are one type of reportFeature Articles, but usually the major report. These quantitative financial statements are found in the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

Risk Management For Financial Institutions

Monetary foundations fill numerous needs in a budgetary framework. They give budgetary intermediation administrations to customers and organizations and execute in the money related markets. Money related organizations middle of the road amongst banks and borrowers in the expectation of gaining a benefit by procuring stores at loan fees that are lower than they charge when they offer their monetary items. Be that as it may, there is no free lunch here.

The distinctions in the qualities of the monetary planes money related establishments purchase and offer open them to an assortment of dangers in the budgetary markets and held assets put resources into the best forex exchanging fates are insufficient to completely shield them from misfortune.

As declaration to the significance of effectively dealing with these dangers, the time of the 1980s was a battleground now covered with the bodies of money related establishments that neglected to satisfactorily deal with these dangers. Dealing with these dangers does not mean disposing of them as there is an exchange off amongst hazard and higher benefits. Supervisors who go out on a limb rest soundly during the evening however eat terribly and their sleep peruses each expression of declining income and stock costs that their shareholders won’t endure for long in light of the fact that he is passing on forex exchanging tips that he ought to have followed up on. On the other handFind Article, overabundance chance taking that is wagering the bank and losing is likewise terrible news. It will put you in the positions of the unemployed with a fleet of costly Wall Street attorneys shielding you.

This is the quandary that any money related supervisor must explore with a specific end goal to have an effective vocation. As a matter of first importance an administrator is a watchman of assets and a champion of capital conservation. Any administrator who does not have this as his initially line of obligation is not deserving of the position and won’t be long in the budgetary world.

Financial literacy for decision makers

Most companies, large or small, have key staff members who are strong as it relates to financial analysis and financial management……..WRONG!  The fact is that most organizations still equate financial management as the ability to make sure that there is money in the bank, that financial records are up to date, or that there is a proper accounting of all financial resources.  What many people don’t understand is that those activities are closely related to financial MAINTENANCE, not financial management; and yes THERE IS A BIG DIFFERENCE.
Financial management is not a cold type of program inclusive of multiple sets of mathematical equations or simplistic administrative processes; financial management is a science, and that science must be respected as companies need to use the finding to:
• Handle the corporate decision making process• Mitigate Risk• Determine growth initiatives• Ascertain the effectiveness of the strategic plans developed by management• Evaluate departments and employees• Maintain shareholder satisfaction• Assist the Board in making decisions affecting the course of the company
While financial maintenance is not only important, but also vitally necessary to the strength and sustainability of the organization; it is a grave error believing that these activities are interchangeable.
In a NEW GLOBAL ECONOMY where companies must place increasing onus on how decisions are made, the element of risk associated with those decisions, and the ability to create contingency plans that allow companies to “hope for the best, but plan for the worst”, financial management must be a major element of everyday operations for all organizations.
The problem is that many companies still use an antiquated approach to financial management that puts them in a risky position in both the short term and the long term.  While surveys show that 55% of companies site the need for stronger financial expertise, the fact is that number should be more like 90%.  This in no way infers that existing financial experts are incompetent; what it infers is that most companies require more people than they currently have to handle financial management initiatives.

Reaching the Promised Land with New Management

A few prime examples of companies built around great business concepts include Amazon and TiVO. When you think of these companies what is the first thing that comes to mind? Hopefully the word innovation flashes across your mind. Amazon was the leader in creating an online marketplace open 24/7 to anyone with an internet connection. TiVO was one of the pioneers in time shifting recording, allowing users to record their favorite TV shows and watch them at their convenience. Both companies were built around innovative ideas that clearly provided value to end consumers, but neither company was profitable in their early years of existence.

Only a few entrepreneurs are able to take start-up companies out of the red and into the black. For all those other entrepreneurs who bring great ideas and innovative thinking to the table, bringing an experienced management team into the fold can turn a cash strapped start-up into a financial giant. Because most entrepreneurs don’t understand the fundamental business principles that can make a business profitable, relying on experienced managers can really make a difference on the bottom line.

An experienced management leader often brings structure, accountability, and direction to a young company. New management teams typically implement a number of different business reports in order to establish the necessary structure, accountability, and direction the company requires.

Structure – Most grass root start-up companies lack structure. One business report management will typically create and distribute to their employees is an organizational chart. Such a chart helps clear up any confusion over where the power lies within the company. The organizational chart also helps determine who reports to who within the company and just how open the lines of communication really are within the company.

Accountability – One of the first things the management team normally implements is a schedule for business reports within the various departments of the organization. A business report can help outline the areas individual employees will be held accountable for. Delegating responsibility to individual employees can help them really take ownership in the company and improve productivity.

Direction – Because some smaller companies lack direction, the new management team may put in writing the vision it has for the future. As time progresses management may choose to distribute a management updating the employees on the progress the company has made achieving its vision. Such reports help the company continually make headway as it progresses down its chosen path.